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Rom J Leg Med19(3)171-176(2011)
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Stature estimation from bi-acromial and bi-iliocristal measurements

A. Ozaslan, B. Karadayi, M. O. Kolusayin, A. Kaya

Abstract: Identification studies about stature estimation provide useful information in individual cases. Many studies put forward the relationship between height and some parts of the skeleton and the body parts in consideration. The classical measurements (foot, hand and long bones) for stature estimation have been already studied in different populations, whereas very few is available concerning Bi-acromial Breadth (BAB) and Bi-iliocristal Breadth (BICB). Anthropometrical measurements were performed by middle-income 337 volunteers; 216 males and 121 females. These measurements were studied by SPSS routines and linear regression formulas were defined for variables included in significant correlation related to stature. There was a statistically significancy (p

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