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Rom J Leg Med21(4)249-252(2013)
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Aluminium phosphide fatal poisoning associated with a Brugada-like ECG pattern. Case presentation

A. S. Udriste, S. Dumitriu, M. Ceausu, D. Radu, C. O. Capatina

Abstract: Aluminium phosphide has direct toxic cardiac and metabolic effects, leading to multiple organ toxicity. We hereby present the case of a young woman who was admitted at the hospital in severe shock with a sudden onset and a rapidly severe evolution, unresponsive to treatment; the final diagnosis, based on imaging and biological samples, was acute fulminant myocarditis due to aluminium phosphide poisoning. The patient's symptoms started about 10 hours before the admission and the family rejected the possibility of any potential poisoning.
Keywords: poisoning, aluminium phosphide, Brugada-like ECG pattern.

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