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Rom J Leg Med22(3)173-176(2014)
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Lethal complications of laser assisted liposuction. Case report

S. Hostiuc, A. Francisc, M. Ceaușu, I. Negoi, A. Carantino

Abstract: Suction assisted lipectomy is the most frequent plastic surgery procedure in many Western countries, and in general is considered as a safe surgical technique. However, even if severe complications are extremely rare they do occur, and the physician must be aware of them, and take the necessary precautions to limits their effects. Most death associated with liposuction were cited in the scientific literature as being associated with tumescent liposuction. Laser assisted liposuction is considered a safer procedure and the complication rate is lower. The purpose of this article is to present a case of pulmonary thromboembolism associated with lipid embolization secondary to laser assisted lipolysis, with lethal consequences.
Keywords: laser assisted liposuction; fat embolic syndrome; pulmonary thrombembolism; surgical related death.

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