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Rom J Leg Med22(4)237-242(2014)
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An unusual hunting-related death due to a Brenneke® SuperSabot shotgun slug

L. Gitto, A. Maiese, M. Dell’Aquila, P. Falco, G. Bolino

Abstract: Hunting accidents are a underestimate cause of injuries and death. Brenneke® slugs are the most common used shotgun ammunitions in hunting. A particular type of Brenneke® slug is the SuperSabot, characterized by high speed, high energy and very good precision. Deaths due to a Brenneke® SuperSabot are rarely described in literature.
Three hunters were carrying out a wild boar hunting expedition. During the hunting a wild boar suddenly appeared in the middle of the group. The hunter who was behind the group instinctively fired to the beast using a semiautomatic gauge 12 shotgun. The bullet hit the wild boar, made a through-through wound and then hit the hunter who was just ahead the animal, killing him. At the external examination of the beast, an entry wound and an exit wound were found. At the postmortem examination of the hunter, an entry wound, a perforating wound and even an exit wound were identified. After a thorough research, a spent shell wad and a live slug were found, later identified as Brenneke® SuperSabot shotgun slugs. This case highlights the importance of thorough scene investigation and postmortem examination to identify all of weapons and projectiles used, in order to distinguish among homicide, suicide and accident.
Keywords: forensic science, shotgun slug, Brenneke® SuperSabot, shotgun wounds, hunting accidents.

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