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Rom J Leg Med24(1)21-22(2016)
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Stomach gas as a useful matrix for detecting ante-mortem gas exposure. A case of asphyxia by helium inhalation

N. Tanaka, A. Takakura, M. Jamal, M. Kumihashi, A. Ito, S. Ishimoto, K. Tsutsui, S. Kimura, K. Ameno, H. Kinoshita,

Abstract: Identification of helium in cases of fatal asphyxia induced by helium is sometimes difficult, due to its low solubility in water and high diffusibility. Lung tissue and intratracheal gas have been reported as suitable matrices for toxicological examination. This report suggests the utility of stomach gas as a matrix for forensic analysis of the presence of helium.
Keywords: helium, headspace gas chromatography, stomach gas.

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