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Rom J Leg Med24(4)253-256(2016)
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A rare case of death showing multiple gunshot wounds inflicted by a single slug-type bullet

K. Hasegawa, I. Yamagishi, H. Nozawa, K. Gonmori, K. Minakata, O. Suzuki, K. Watanabe

Abstract: We experienced a rare case with multiple gunshot entrance wounds due to a single bullet. A 60-year-old male hunter was accidentally shot by other hunter with a hunting shotgun from a long distance (about 70 m). The external examination showed two entrance wounds on his left knee and left lower fore chest, in spite of a single gunshot. By the autopsy, the extensive injuries to his organs such as the stomach, liver and lung were observed. The responsible bullet was found just inside the right dorsal skin. By detailed consideration, we could estimate the pathway of the bullet involved; when the left knee and left hip joints were strongly flexed, the injuries together with the location of the slug bullet could be almost in a single line. The present multiple gunshot wounds by a single heavy slug-type bullet from a long distance seems to be very unique and of forensic interest.
Keywords: gunshot wound, single bullet-two entrances, long distant gunshot, shotgun using, slug-type bullet, accidental death.

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