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Rom J Leg Med24(4)343-345(2016)
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Claims of “uniqueness” in forensic medicine

C. C. Radu, D. B. Iliescu

Abstract: The rationale of this paper is based on a deep fascination with the nature of identification, not only from a scientific point of view, but also from an existential and ethical perspective. In the field of Forensic Medicine the identification get extreme significance for a living person, being a proof of his or her existence. Especially in the modern society where everything has to be identified in order to be proved, identification is crucial. This paper is an attempt to make a philosophical approach to some identification methods, which are claimed by their supporters to be based on the theory of “uniqueness”. It is a challenging claim which is counteracted in an argumentative discussion. The conclusions of these paper are: uniqueness should not be used in forensic science, as it belongs to the realm of a pure philosophy because the “uniqueness” is impossible to prove.
Keywords: individuality, proof, visual identification, identification methodologies, forensic examiners, forensic odontologist, fingerprints, probability models, Snowflake syndrome, uniqueness.

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