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Rom J Leg Med25(1)14-19(2017)
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Value and limits of surgery in acute pancreatitis – forensic dilemma in case of death in acute pancreatitis

B. Mastalier, C. Botezatu, A. Petca, D. C. Badiu, R. A. Ionescu, S. Zurac, V. Beliș,

Abstract: Acute pancreatitis is one of the pathological conditions known as surgical abdominal emergencies, in which surgery is reserved only for lithiasic etiology and / or local complications of the disease. The risk of death is still high, despite the big understanding progress of the etiopathogenic mechanisms of the disease. It is forensic the one who is called in those situations with medical failure find the death-generating causes that can be attributed to medical and surgical gesture.
Keywords: acute pancreatitis, organic failure, infected necrosis, hemorrhage.

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