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Rom J Leg Med25(1)26-30(2017)
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A suicidal gunshot injury with a homemade zip gun during a traffic stop

M. Zdarilek, E. Nevická, R. Rozboril, B. Ťažký, J. Šidlo

Abstract: The usage of zip guns - homemade self-constructed firearms fashioned out of pieces of metal with a simple firing pin or made by conversion of blank guns into a harmful weapons, is quite rare and sporadic in forensic pathology. To avoid the control and registration of firearm, people with technical skills can make one at home. The atypical homemade firearm can lead to atypical autopsy findings with unusual gunshot wounds on the body. The following article presents an original case of an unusual self-inflicted gunshot suicide committed with a homemade improvised zip gun during a regular traffic stop of the motorcycle. Technical examinations of the disassembled weapon revealed it to be partially handcrafted zip gun that had been constructed as a single barrel gun in shape of a pistol or revolver from metal piping and part of barrel with internal grooves, used from a regular assault rifle. Further police investigation revealed that the decedent did not have motorcycle papers and driving license with him in time of the traffic stop; but he has not had any psychiatric or suicidal history. In his locked room he had a lot of ammunition and old firearms, including one expansion rifle; although he never had a firearms license. The death was classified as a suicide with the handmade zip gun fired most likely from near-contact range to the right temporal region of the head, with complete penetration through the cranial cavity, under the influence of alcohol.
Keywords: homemade zip gun, forensic science, atypical gunshot wound.

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