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Rom J Leg Med25(1)41-43(2017)
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Case report of a long term cotton string granuloma mimicking intracranial tumour

A. V. Papacocea, M. T. Papacocea

Abstract: We report a rare case of an iatrogenic intracerebral inflammatory reaction to a piece of cotton left inside the brain for 11 years. A 33 year old women was operated for an intracerebral non-traumatic hematoma. Nine years after surgery she started to have partial and secondary generalized seizures, with an increasing frequency. She was diagnosed with an intracerebral tumour located in the former location of the parietal hematoma, but she systematically refused a new operation. Eleven years after the initial surgery for hematoma, she accepted removal of the presumed tumour. It was a large granuloma produced by a piece of cotton.
Keywords: foreign body, granuloma, cotton, pseudo-tumour.

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