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Rom J Leg Med25(1)82-88(2017)
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Fetal-maternal toxicology: fetal somatic consequences of noxious habits in pregnant women

C. Ionescu, M. Dimitriu, E. Poenaru, R. Viezuină, C. G. Furău

Abstract: Consumption of noxious substances (alcohol, tobacco or drugs, even “the light” ones) is harmful during pregnancy. Nevertheless, in the contemporary Romania many pregnants do not drop out on these habits, on the contrary they even associate them. The goal of our study consists in the identification of these habits’ effects on the pregnancy and we carried on in the Department of Obstetrics-Gynecology “Sf. Pantelimon” Emergency Clinical Hospital Bucharest a prospective study based on the anonymous interviewing of 169 patients who got birth between March and April 2016. A number of 97 patients out of 169 patients declared that they referred to at least one out of three noxious habits (57.40%). Smoking is the best represented vice in the studied test sample, having a weight of 42.01% (71/169), followed by alcohol consumption - 30.17% (51/169) and by the associated consumption of alcohol and smoking - 15.38% (26/169). The least representative in the test sample was the drugs consumption, having a weight of 1.77% (3/169) but with an association of 100% with smoking (3/3 cases) and of 66.66% (2/3 cases) with alcohol consumption, fact that shows a great risk behaviour. Smoking associated with alcohol consumption, followed by smoking with no other associations had the negative effects on the average gestation age, average weight and average APGAR score. All categories of studied vices registered variable fetal somatic damages.
Keywords: alcohol, smoking, drugs, pregnancy, premature birth, restriction of intrauterine growth

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