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Rom J Leg Med25(1)104-108(2017)
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Recurrent post partum depression and infanticide. A case report

R. Pãunescu, O. Blãnaru , I. Micluția

Abstract: Suicide and infanticide are the most severe complications of postpartum disorders such as depression and psychosis. Infanticide is more commonly correlated with a younger age of the mother, economic stress, unemployment and a history of psychiatric disorders. Infanticide may take several forms such as the altruistic infanticide, associated with the subsequent mother’s suicide, may be in relation with acute psychotic symptoms of the mother, or it can occur in cases of fatal maltreatment of an unwanted child. We present the case of a 40 years old women diagnosed with post partum depression (PPD) who committed infanticide after the birth of her seventh child. The patient had a history of psychiatric disorder in relation with previous pregnancies for some of which she sought medical attention but did not follow a constant treatment. The management of the case was a challenging one with an initial cross-sectional diagnosis established upon admission (e.g post-natal depression) and a final one, established comprehensively by the therapeutic team, which included the current episode within the general psychopathological framework alongside with the personality traits and social context.
Keywords: post-partum depression, psychotic symptoms, infanticide.

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