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Rom J Leg Med25(2)131-139(2017)
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Forensic significance of phenotypical transformations of villus terminalis in human placenta

G. S. Drăgoi, E. Pătraşcu, I. Dincă, M. M. Botoran, P. R. Melinte

Abstract: The authors aim at deciphering the morphogenous synchronic and diachronic synergisms that are present in the epigenesis of villus terminalis in human placenta. The objectives are the spatial distribution of syncytial nuclear aggregates of the trophoblast, of the location and relations of intravillous fibrinoid substance, of the cyto- and histo- architecture of skeleton villus terminalis in the third-semester gestation placenta as well as of the perivillous pseudo-tumoural proliferations in partial hydatidiform mole miscarriage. The microanatomic analysis of villus terminalis structures visualized in histochemial and immuno-histochemical methods made possible the evaluation of morphological variability of phenotypical transformations of the trophoblast and of the villus terminalis centre that synergically contribute to the re-formation of villus terminalis in the normal and/or pathological evolution of gestation with implicatons in the forensic evaluation of pregnacy or miscarriage.
Keywords: villus terminalis, syncytial knots, syncytial sprouts, intravillous fibrinoid substance, partial hydatidiform mole.

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