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Rom J Leg Med25(2)235-238(2017)
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The medical and medicolegal use of the radiological image storage PACS for an orthopedic hospital

I. C. Stoica, S. Mogos, A. Draghici, R. Cergan,

Abstract: Foişor Orthopaedic Hospital is a 119-bed single-specialty orthopaedic hospital. We perform more than 40,000 radiological imaging studies per year, in this moment. Imaging in Orthopaedics in Traumatology is the crucial factor in the diagnostic and taking the final decision required for the orthopaedic/surgical therapeutical act. Tracking the evolution of the case involves comparing the various radiological images obtained during the evolutionary case observation. The preservation of radiological images over time becomes a necessity in our days and this is the current practice in specialized services from abroad. Measuring instruments within the digital radiographic imaging in DICOM format are extremely necessary in current orthopaedic practice increasing the accuracy of information for the benefit of both patients and physicians at the same time. The systematization of radiological imaging with wide access to operators' operating instruments and the storage of data during and after the use of therapy, followed by many years of follow-up (for examples: articular endoprostheses or bone tumours) is a medical necessity. The Foişor Orthopaedic Hospital started to implement PACS solution back in 2010. The Hospital Information System was completed with an integrated system: a digital radiography modality, a computed radiography solution, a RIS and PACS server with 6 TB storage capacity. The paper presents how the radiologic information system has been working in the last 7 years.
Keywords: PACS, radiology, measurements, DICOM, digital imaging, malpractice, medicolegal.

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