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Rom J Leg Med25(3)244-250(2017)
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Molecular characterization of selected bacterial flora from forensic case exhibits

T. Jain, V. N. , M. K. Gupta, N. Kango, H. R. Dash, P. Shrivastava,

Abstract: The potential of microorganisms is becoming increasingly apparent in forensic investigations as a consequence of advances in molecular sciences and genomics. After the advent of DNA technology in forensics various attempts have been made towards the betterment of the technology by increasing number of loci, to cope up with PCR inhibitors and a bit with low copy or degraded DNA. Still, the work on presence of microbial flora as the signature flora and their possible role in degradation of body fluids need to be worked out. The bacteria are known degraders of organic molecules, but the bacterial flora of forensic samples and their possible role in degradation of body fluid has not with been studied so far. This paper is an attempt to revisit this issue and to characterize a few bacterial isolates from real forensic case exhibits. This is the first report on isolation and molecular characterization of bacteria from the blood stained forensic case exhibits.
Keywords: forensic science, microbiology, bacterial flora, molecular characterization, 16S rRNA, DNA fingerprinting.

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