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Rom J Leg Med25(3)251-255(2017)
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Death moment estimation in stillbirth

A. Knieling, D. Sofia, D. I. Simona, D. B. Iliescu, C. J. Iov

Abstract: The stillbirth represents an important number, yet, of the death among new born. The current technologies cannot eliminate such cases from the statistics. Nevertheless, the technology allows deep investigations that help on more precise results on finding out the moment on fetus death. The death cause is on big forensics interest as well, from the mechanism point of view. The intrauterine fetal maceration is an essential element to establish the death moment. There are reported studies based on this parameter. Some morphology details, correlated with macro and microscopic information defined some death time ranges.
Keywords: intrauterine fetal death, fetal maceration, death time.

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