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Rom J Leg Med25(3)279-282(2017)
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The use of 3D printing in improving patient-doctor relationship and malpractice prevention

I. Tevanov, E. Liciu, M. O. Chirila, A. Dusca, A. Ulici,

Abstract: ealth care. Doctors have the duty to provide appropriate and sufficient information to the patient, concerning his medical condition and the available treatment options. The breakdown between doctor-patient relationship is the cause of majority of patients’ complaints and aversions. Using customized 3D printed models for each patient and having the conversation and the explanations needed, based on the palpable particularities of the patient’s medical condition, helps towards a more efficient communication and a better understanding of the ailment and the treatment’s outcomes, thus reducing patients’ insecurities to the medical act, preventing complaints, dissatisfaction and malpractice accusations.
Keywords: 3d print, doctor-patient relationship, complaint, malpractice.

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