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Rom J Leg Med26(1)70-75(2018)
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Juvenile delinquency in light of data recorded at the Institute of Forensic Medicine

A. M. Fabian, C. Siserman,

Abstract: Delinquency is a social mass phenomenon, encompassing individual behaviours that fall under the arm of the law. This research paper will use the idea of socio-psychological interdisciplinarity in order to draw a more complete picture of the data accumulated until now with regard to the risk factors of juvenile delinquency. We analysed 211 records of juvenile delinquents, available at the Institute of Forensic Medicine, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. We mention some of the outcomes of the research: the majority of juvenile offenders live in the urban areas where they committed the offences; usually they are males and aged between 15 and 16 years old at the time of wrongdoing; their preferred offence is theft, but also aggravated delicts such as rape, robbery, assault with bodily harm, etc. Amongst the underage youth subjected to research, some of them were recidivists, or struggled with behavioural disorders and/or poor schooling (even illiteracy). Although almost half of them come from nuclear families, they have to cope with insufficient material conditions (frequently below minimum means), insalubrious and overcrowded buildings, and often at least one convicted relative.
Keywords: factors of juvenile delinquency, forensic evaluation, delicts, socialisation, behaviour disorders.

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