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Rom J Leg Med26(1)76-81(2018)
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A cross-cultural perspective on autopsy

I. Warter, L. Warter

Abstract: The dead body persists into the post modern era as a “troubling object for the subject”, one that Western culture has parried through autopsy - a practice that would seem to be most objectifying and empirical.
Death and dying are profound individual events which are strongly influenced by culture and particularly by religion.
The underestimation of the cultural factors may have a significant impact on forensic pathologists’ practice who might fail to achieve their professional goals. Therefore it is important for the forensic pathologists to understand and be aware of various intercultural issues which may arise in their current practice. The understanding and awareness of cultural differences have to be built and developed in order to avoid cultural conflicts and clashes.
In this paper, the focus is on the intercultural issues linked to autopsy: religious and cultural factors, attitudes, values, tradition etc.
Our study underscores the importance of the intercultural approach in forensic pathology and its impact on the families of the dead persons. We aim to highlight the relations, paradoxes, harmonies and antagonisms revealed by the intercultural phenomenon.
Keywords: Informed consent, medical facilities, ethics, patient, healthcare professional.

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