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Rom J Leg Med26(1)97-102(2018)
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Evaluation of aggressive behaviour in forensic practice in Romania

D. I. Ureche, C. C. Radu, E. Szigyártó, O. Chiroban, I. Micluţia

Abstract: The criminal act is frequently encountered in the field of legal medicine. This fact could be associated in some situations with aggressive behaviour. However, not a few times interferes with the psychiatric pathology that the patient either has a past history or evokes after the act. To elucidate such a case, an individual, truncated understanding of the constituent elements is required. Thus, in the first instance, evidence of the offense falls within the competence of the criminal investigators and is summed up when requesting a forensic report. Psychiatric pathology may be relatively easy to demonstrate or dismantle, although we are faced with a wide range of diagnoses. Finally, aggressive behaviour, impulsivity and personality disorders are the most difficult to elucidate.
For an adequate and reliable diagnosis besides the clinical judgement special assessment tools are mandatory, tools represented in this case by two questionnaires: Eysenck Personality Questionnaire -Revised (EPQ-R) and State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory second edition (STAXI-2). In this respect, clinical data were correlated to some information regarding these tools and their implications in the forensic practice. Legal medicine as link between the medical and legal fields, should be a comprehensive integration of medical, forensic, psychological and psychiatric interpretation of these terms in order to help the investigators and criminal investigators to carry out the correct classification of the offense. We consider that aggression in relation to psychiatric pathology is a public health issue that can lead to increased crime rates.
Keywords: aggressive behaviour, criminality, personality disorders, psychiatric pathology.

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