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Rom J Leg Med26(3)270-273(2018)
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Death in a bathtub and pattern of decomposition

E. Dorado, E. R. Tagle , E. Santiago , M. F. Carrillo

Abstract: A case is presented where the corpse of a woman was found partially submerged in a bathtub at her home. The evolution of decay and water level marks suggested the circumstances in which the body had remained after death. Alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs where present at the scene, and a history of alcohol dependence was well recorded. No signs of violence by others or suicidal intent were found in the scene, so qualifying the death as unintentional and relatied to alcohol intake combined with various medications prescribed for chronic alcoholism.
Keywords: forensic pathology, bathtub, unintentional death, putrefaction, drowning, alcoholism, death sceneinvestigation.

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