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Rom J Leg Med26(4)363-368(2018)
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Pulmonary artery aneurysm in a marfanoid adult patient with unoperated functional single ventricle and levo-transposition of the great arteries

F. Perde, C. G. Herghelegiu, A. G. Iosifescu, I. Crîngu, L. Luca, M. Dragu

Abstract: We report a sudden death case of a 33 years old male with Marfan-like syndrome, having a medical history of unoperated congenital heart disease (double outlet right single ventricle with levo-transposition of the great arteries) complicated by heart failure and rhythm disorders; cardiologists also suspected an aneurysm of the ascending aorta. The autopsy confirmed the Marfan-like habitus and the presence of a single ventricle with double inlet - double-outlet of the right ventricle morphology and levo-transposition of the great arteries; it also revealed the presence of a pulmonary artery aneurysm and an anomalous origin of the left anterior descending coronary artery in the right coronary sinus. Medico-legal judgement of such an unusual case is a complex process, implying not only morphologic assessment of the case, but also reconstruction of the abnormal physiology and clinical stage of the disease.
Keywords: Congenital heart disease, univentricular heart, single ventricle, double inlet - double outlet right ventricle, transposition of great arteries, pulmonary aneurysm, anomalous origin of LAD, Marfan syndrome.

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