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Rom J Leg Med27(1)28-32(2019)
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Burn-related deaths: a 5 year single-center study on 160 cases

V. Pieptu, A. Mihai, R. Grecu, D. B. Iliescu, D. Azoic─âi

Abstract: ntroduction. Burns are the 4th most frequent cause of acute death. Specific prevention strategies can be formulated when burn-related deaths are properly investigated. Romania has a data collecting mechanism concerning burn patients, but information from forensic departments is not included. This study aims to offer an insight in the real amplitude of burn-related deaths by analysing 5-year data from the Institute of Forensic Medicine in the region of Moldova. Methods. This is a retrospective single-centre 5-year study of all burn-related deaths from 2011 to 2015. Included in the study were all cases with etiology of: house fire, flame, scald, electrocution, immolation, explosion, contact, chemicals and lightning. Previously hospitalised and non-hospitalised cases were both included. Results. A total of 160 burn-related deaths were included. There were a total of 39 urban residents and 121 rural. There were 102 male and 58 female cases. Most frequent aetiology was house fire, followed by flame burns and electrocutions. Monthly distribution of burns follows the classic patterns of summer and winter peaks. Discussion. Yearly burn-related deaths decreased in the studied period. The average incidence of 2.94/100.000 is high compared to other European Union countries. In almost one quarter of all cases alcohol intoxication was involved, revealing an important phenomenon with forensic and legal implications. Almost one-half of cases had not survived initial injuries and were not hospitalised, thus missing from hospital statistics. Conclusion. Knowing causes of burn deaths helps formulate specific prevention programmes. Creation of a national burn registry is suggested.
Keywords: burns, burn death, burn epidemiology, house fire, flame, explosion, scald.

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