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Rom J Leg Med27(1)52-56(2019)
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Risk factors for dental implant failure and medicolegal implications

R. Hainarosie, C. Pietrosanu, A. P. Cherecheanu, A. P. Stoian, C. D. Stefanescu, S. M. Pituru

Abstract: Dental implants have become a routine intervention worldwide, with a high success rate both functionally and aesthetically. Nowadays edentation is no longer accepted and removable prosthesis are considered uncomfortable and are becoming more difficult to tolerate by the patient. As these interventions are becoming more and more often, the protocol that these patients must follow grows even more standardized. The success rate is high, which only makes the cases of implant failure ever more difficult to manage. Due to the patient’s expectancies, the impact that further treatment and expensive interventions can cause on these patients can be significant, leading even to medico-legal implications in some cases. The aim of this paper is to identify the most frequent causes of dental implant failure and the means of prevention that are available for the physicians, thus avoiding unwanted complications.
Keywords: dental implants, implant failure, local complications.

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