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Rom J Leg Med27(2)149-155(2019)
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Legal and medical problems of health care in Poland in the field of cardiology

U. Zamelska, P. Zamelski,

Abstract: The study deals with legal and medical health care problems in the field of cardiology in Poland. The development of cardiology around the world in the past few decades has made it possible to effectively treat cardiovascular diseases, prolong the lives of patients, and often also allow them to return to full fitness. The epidemiology of these diseases in comparison with the high costs of treatment exceeds the financial capacity of the majority of patients. It is also a serious challenge for public authorities in terms of legal regulations, financial resources, training of medical staff, and securing infrastructure. These problems are also visible in the Polish healthcare system, which, aspiring to ensure a high level of patient care, is limited by various deficiencies
Keywords: cardiology, public health, Polish medical law, medical statistics, heart attack.

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