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Rom J Leg Med27(2)195-199(2019)
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Management and ethics issues in rehabilitation and balneoclimatology

A. S. Nica, I. Ghiorghiu, M. Constantinovici, R. S. Miclaus, B. I. Mitoiu

Abstract: Each specialty has certain characteristics of patients who may have particular ethical problems. In the field of rehabilitation medicine, specific ethical issues arise, such as: identification of patients receiving rehabilitation programs; establishing realistic goals adapted to pathology (disease), stage and form of evolution, pathological background of the patient; patient-doctor relationship, complex and long-term relationship; professional and team issues; debts and rights of family members; quality of life and cessation of treatment; allocation of resources; medical insurance and implications for medical rehabilitation. These will be discussed in detail in this article. Physicians have a duty to recognize and address the inequalities of our current medical system. They have the responsibility to discuss the role of medical rehabilitation in a time of limited resources. Being aware that some medical needs remain unsatisfied in a society with other important needs, they must recognize and limit the care of marginal benefits or excessive costs. They must contribute to the development of sound public policy as the Romanian society strives to balance the needs of vulnerable people with those of the larger society.
Keywords: rehabilitation ethics, balneoclimatology.

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