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Rom J Leg Med27(4)329-334(2019)
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Implications of the sexting phenomenon

S. Trifu

Abstract: Argument. The phenomenon of sexting has grown larger and larger in present times, being found at increasingly younger ages, with implications that quickly erase the boundaries between daydreaming and transition to act. Objective. We want to present an out-of-court psychological expertise that describes the situation of a 28-year-old young boy, accused of child pornography, against the background of a relationship with a 14-year-old girl, a relationship consumed in the online environment, with direct reference to the concept of sexting. Results. The client initially received a conviction, as an agreement to recognize the guilt, subsequently raising the suspicion of a particular personality profile that could predispose him to repeat such behaviors. The expertise was aimed to highlight the socio-cultural and environmental aspects, as well as the extent of the sexting phenomenon in various social environments. Conclusion. Following the psychological expertise, in conjunction with the study of legal documents, the Court of Appeal admitted the agreement of recognition of guilt, the assessment of the subject's personality being presented in the current paperwork.
Keywords: sexting, child pornography, personality structure, environmental aspects.

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