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Rom J Leg Med27(4)340-342(2019)
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Abortion caused by intravaginal self-administration of Misoprostol: a case report

M. Focardi, A. Bosco, F. Castiglione, G. Bartolucci, B. Gualco, V. Bugelli,

Abstract: The authors present a case of a 38 years old woman, 21 weeks pregnant, that went to the emergency department, where she gave birth to a stillborn male fetus. A gynaecological examination revealed three partially dissolved tablets in the vagina. Chemical laboratory tests on the tablets showed they were Misoprostol (MP) tablets. Autopsy results and histopathological findings on the fetus and the placenta were compatible with death related to the action of that molecule. According to the results, this is a case of illegal abortion induced by MP. The easy availability of this drug, given its common primary use in the prevention and treatment of gastric ulcer and rheumatic diseases, explains the more frequent finding in cases of non-hospitalized abortions, especially in the second trimester of pregnancy. In such cases, when there is the suspicion of an illegal abortion, the research of that drug is therefore recommended.
Keywords: abortifacient, illegal abortion, misoprostol, premature labor, vaginal misoprostol.

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