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Rom J Leg Med28(1)14-20(2020)
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C. Delcea, C. Siserman

Abstract: Aim, methods and Outcomes. Paraphilic disorders and human sexuality were simultaneously born. These human behaviours raised the interest of forensic physicians and psychologists, who tried to explain their etiology and identify a cure. Creation and standardization of an instrument for evaluation and testing of the sexual psychopathology of people in Romania is very useful in addition to the psychical examination performed by psychiatric forensic commissions. The groups of pre-participants (clinical/non-clinical) have been selected from prisons and outside the prison. The group of inmates consisted of N210 participants, with an average age of m=37 years and SD=10.231; females % and 50% males with SD = 10.231; education m= 11.67 years of study and SD=1.634; % females and 50% males with SD=0.501. The group outside the prison consisted of N210 participants, with an average age of m= 35 years and SD = 9.430; education m= 12.01 years of study and SD=1.941; % females and 50% males with SD=0.501. Results. The scores of Cronbach’s Alpha reliability coefficients for the 164 items were 0.891. The results of of Cronbach’s Alpha reliability coefficients of 24 scales of the Questionnaire were m = 832.55. In order to estimate the accuracy of the scales of Questionnaire we used the split-half method obtaining a score of 0.793 for the first half of scales and 0.809 for the second half of scales. In addition, we used the method of experts group obtaining a score of inter-rater agreement (Kappa coefficient) of Sig. 0.000. The eigenvalues of the questionnaire revolved around the 11 points of the set of components observed on the scree plot. Clinical implications and Conclusion. The Questionnaire for Evaluation of Paraphilic Disorders (CETP) is clinically reliable in what concerns the differentiation in clinic - non-clinic of the persons assessed comparing with existing questionnaires. This questionnaire can clinically index the paraphilic disorder, paraphilic comorbiditiy as well as other related sexual pathology such as addictions or deviant sexual behaviour. The results revealed that the instrument has a good reliability and criterion, content and concept validity regarding the paraphilic disorders.
Keywords: domestic violence, personality, psychiatric morbidity, forensic medicine

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