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Rom J Leg Med28(1)63-67(2020)
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M. A. Păun, I. Ghiurco, A. Frunză

Abstract: Trauma caused by firearms is complex, often fatal, especially when addressing certain anatomical regions such as the face and neck. The causes range from attempted murder to attempted suicide or accident. Their differentiation is important both legally and due to the fact that they can trans-late certain psychiatric sufferings of the patient that will have to be considered in the subsequent management. This kind of trauma is often characterized by significant loss of soft tissue and bone, which, for the survivors, will mean numerous reconstructive interventions in a multidisciplinary approach, lasting recovery and difficult social reintegration. The severity of these wounds is mainly related to the type of weapon used, the firing distance and the mass and velocity of the bullet. We will present the successful management regarding the treatment and rehabilitation of a patient with complex trauma caused by auto-shooting at the face level.
Keywords: facial trauma, reconstructive interventions.

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