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Vol. 26 Issue 1 March 2018

1. Human gyrus cinguli as an anatomic marker in the neuronal system processing behavioural and cognitive act. Implications in forensic psychopathology
I. Marinescu, P. R. Melinte, I. Dincă, E. Pătrascu, M. I. B. Meșină, G. SDrăgoi,
Rom J Leg Med26(1)1-11(2018)

2. Relationship between thyroid hormone levels and age in post-mortem cases
D. Miyamori, M. Takaso, N. Komeda, N. Ishikawa, H. Tsuboi, R. Bando, H. Ikegaya,
Rom J Leg Med26(1)12-15(2018)

3. Self-inflicted laryngeal penetrating wounds with suicidal intention: two clinical cases
D. Vrînceanu, B. Bănică, R. Papacocea, T. Papacocea,
Rom J Leg Med26(1)16-20(2018)

4. Tattoos and abuse of psychoactive substances in an autopsy population sample from Greece
K. Katsos, K. Moraitis, S. Papadodima, C. Spiliopoulou
Rom J Leg Med26(1)21-28(2018)

5. Diatoms and drowning: can diatoms enter the lungs after the initial drowning event?
M. Bąk, A. Witkowski, S. Dobosz, J. P. Kociolek, L. Pietras
Rom J Leg Med26(1)29-36(2018)

6. Evaluation of sepsis mortality in children
M. Merișescu, G. Jugulete, A. E. Bastian, M. Luminos,
Rom J Leg Med26(1)37-41(2018)

7. Autopsy of a young alcohol abuser with severe fatty cirrhosis revealed potential interactions among alcohol-related disorders
S. Kasuda, R. Kudo, K. Yuui, T. Kondo, K. Hatake
Rom J Leg Med26(1)42-46(2018)

8. Serum tryptase, Immunoglobuline E assay and circumstantial data are fundamental tools for the post-mortem diagnosis of food anaphylaxis: a case report and literature review
I. Mercurio, F. Cornacchia, D. Capano, L. Ricci, D. Piergiovanni, M. Gabbrielli
Rom J Leg Med26(1)47-50(2018)

9. The risk profile of designer drugs users in Romania
R. Oroian, M. Lupșe, C. Tudose, H. Coman, B. Nemeș, D. Cozman
Rom J Leg Med26(1)51-55(2018)

10. Estimation of age and sex from bimastoid breadth with 3D computed tomography
F. Buran, I. O. Can, O. Ekizoglu, A. Balci, H. Guleryuz
Rom J Leg Med26(1)56-61(2018)

11. Lethal injection with the muscle relaxant rocuronium
C. Hess, M. Krämer, R. Wagner, B. Madea,
Rom J Leg Med26(1)62-66(2018)

12. Medicolegal implications of an autopsy case of hypothermia under the influence of flunitrazepam and quetiapine
H. Kinoshita, N. Tanaka, A. Takakura, M. Kumihashi, M. Jamal, A. Ito, K. Tsutsui, S. Kimura, K. Ameno
Rom J Leg Med26(1)67-69(2018)

13. Juvenile delinquency in light of data recorded at the Institute of Forensic Medicine
A. M. Fabian, C. Siserman,
Rom J Leg Med26(1)70-75(2018)

14. A cross-cultural perspective on autopsy
I. Warter, L. Warter
Rom J Leg Med26(1)76-81(2018)

15. Ethical and medico-legal aspects of the therapeutic abortion - our experience
O. G. Octavian, A. C. Ionescu, A. Lesnic, G. A. Filipescu, L. Ples,
Rom J Leg Med26(1)82-85(2018)

16. Assessment of the Romanian forensic pathologists’ knowledge regarding the use of imaging exams in forensic dentistry
A. G. Benghiac, B. G. Ioan, M. Moscalu, C. L. Buhaş, R. Constantinescu, A. Moldovanu, C. Budacu, D. Haba
Rom J Leg Med26(1)86-92(2018)

17. The attractiveness of the pharmaceutical field through the increase of the allocated funds
I. Hurjui, C. M. Hurjui, M. Socoliuc
Rom J Leg Med26(1)93-96(2018)

18. Evaluation of aggressive behaviour in forensic practice in Romania
D. I. Ureche, C. C. Radu, E. Szigyártó, O. Chiroban, I. Micluţia
Rom J Leg Med26(1)97-102(2018)

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