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Vol. 26 Issue 2 June 2018

1. Phenotypical transformations of neurovascular structures in amygdaloid neuronal complex in senescent people. Implications in forensic psychopatology
I. Marinescu, P. R. Melinte, I. Dincă, E. Pătrașcu, M. I. B. Meșină, G. SDrăgoi,
Rom J Leg Med26(2)103-111(2018)

2. Assessment of cases with medical malpractice claims which’s autopsies were performed in Council of Forensic Medicine İzmir Group Chairmanship between 2010-2014
B. Gürbeden, E. Özkara
Rom J Leg Med26(2)112-119(2018)

3. Forensic investigation of 1347 autopsy-cases from the Institute of Legal Medicine in Frankfurt/Main around the Christmas time
L. M. Lindenberger, H. Ackermann, M. Parzeller
Rom J Leg Med26(2)120-128(2018)

4. Evaluation of heart and aortic injuries in autopsy cases
A. Türkoglu, T. Bork, M. Tokdemir, L. Ustünel
Rom J Leg Med26(2)129-133(2018)

5. Autopsy case of acute esophageal necrosis associated with fatal diabetic ketoacidosis
T. Yamamoto, A. Miura, H. Nishio,
Rom J Leg Med26(2)134-137(2018)

6. Unusual head gunshot entrance wound – an exception of rules
B. Radnic, I. Curovic, I. Damjanjuk, N. Radojevic, Z. Mihailovic
Rom J Leg Med26(2)138-140(2018)

7. Non-traumatic cervical hemorrhagic infiltration
T. Iov, D. Timofte, S. I. Damian, A. Knieling, C. Scripcaru, D. B. Iliescu
Rom J Leg Med26(2)141-144(2018)

8. Pulmonary idiopathic hemosiderosis coexisting with Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome: autopsy case report
I. Z. Radu,
Rom J Leg Med26(2)145-150(2018)

9. Incidental finding of bifid cardiac apex in a case of sudden death due to sickle cell disease
K. Fragkouli, A. Mitselou, V. Boumba, T. Vougiouklakis,
Rom J Leg Med26(2)151-153(2018)

10. Cor biloculare with truncus arteriosus communis: autopsy case report with literature review
D. Sopková, S. F. Iannaccone, D. Farkaš
Rom J Leg Med26(2)154-157(2018)

11. Fungal growth on a corpse: a case report
E. Hösükler, Z. Erkol, S. Petekkaya, V. Gündoğdu, H. Samurcu
Rom J Leg Med26(2)158-161(2018)

12. Scoring and comparing decomposition of pig carcass in a sewer manhole and on the soil surface
Z. Tomić, N. Stojanac, Z. Kovačević, N. Novakov, M. R. Cincović, O. Stevančević, I. Davidov
Rom J Leg Med26(2)162-166(2018)

13. Postmortem RNA stability and availability of microRNAs in postmortem body fluids in forensic medicine
J. Y. Na, J. T. Park,
Rom J Leg Med26(2)167-172(2018)

14. New psychoactive substances (NPSs) abuse in Romania: analytical strategies for drug screening in biological samples using high resolution mass spectrometry
C. L. Chiţescu, A. D. Radu, F. Aciu, M. Moraru, I. Fulga,
Rom J Leg Med26(2)173-182(2018)

15. Eight year survey of tuberculosis in-hospital mortality in the South Eastern part of Romania
O. C. Arghir, E. Dantes, M. Otelea, A. Rascu, E. Borgazi, S. C. Cambrea
Rom J Leg Med26(2)183-187(2018)

16. Prevention of the medico-legal implications of surgical fire in laryngeal CO2 laser surgery
R. Hainăroșie, V. Zainea, A. M. P. Stoian, A. Rusescu, I. G. Ioniță, C. Pietroșanu, S. M. Pituru
Rom J Leg Med26(2)188-191(2018)

17. Road Traffic Accidents – A study of orthopedic injuries consequences
M. Neagu, T. A. Stratulat, A. I. Neagu, I. D. Alexa, B. G. Ioan, O. Alexa
Rom J Leg Med26(2)192-197(2018)

18. The profile of pediatric patients with physical and sexual abuse in the emergency department
T. S. Rosu, C. Olaru, N. Gimiga, S. Diaconescu, R. Terinte,
Rom J Leg Med26(2)198-205(2018)

19. Suicide and blood types
V. Scripcaru, T. Iov, A. Knieling, S. M. David, C. C. Radu
Rom J Leg Med26(2)206-208(2018)

20. Bertillonage and criminal anthropology in Bucharest, 1893
O. Buda, I. N. Ceapă, A. Kozma
Rom J Leg Med26(2)209-211(2018)

21. The embryo survival criterion: a moral obligation or a eugenic practice?
I. d. M. Beriain, S. Penasa,
Rom J Leg Med26(2)212-217(2018)

22. Contribution of Minovici brothers to ontogenesis of forensic science in Serbia
N. K. Lukić, O. Stevanović
Rom J Leg Med26(2)218-224(2018)

23. General considerations on people with disabilities
I. Hurjui, C. M. Hurjui
Rom J Leg Med26(2)225-228(2018)

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