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Vol. 26 Issue 3 September 2018

1. Mortal acute coronary syndromes in selected rulings of common courts in Poland
U. Zamelska, P. Zamelski,
Rom J Leg Med26(3)229-234(2018)

2. Post traumatic rupture of the isthmic aorta in multitrauma patients involved in car accidents: Our initial experience with emergency endovascular repair
O. Stiru, R. Vasile , R. C. Geana , D. I. Sorostinean , P. Pavel , M. Croitoru, L. Predescu , L. Valeanu , S. Bubenek , V. A. Iliescu
Rom J Leg Med26(3)235-240(2018)

3. Sudden death of two infants with dilated cardiomyopathy: A case report
S. Matsumoto, K. Iwadate , Y. Kanto , S. Otsuka
Rom J Leg Med26(3)241-245(2018)

4. A case of railway-related suicidal death due to falling on the rails in a weird position: an alternative form of Hara-Kiri?
F. D. Giorgio, G. Vetrugno , A. Spagnolo , G. Martinotti,
Rom J Leg Med26(3)246-248(2018)

5. Lethal cranio-cerebral traumatism resulting through a very rare mechanism
C. L. Buhaș , G.Mihalache , C. T. Judea-Pusta, B. Buhaș, M. C. Jurcă , C. Iovan
Rom J Leg Med26(3)249-252(2018)

6. Injuries caused by pellets, medical and medico-legal issues. A case presentation
T. Iov, D. B. Iliescu, A. Knieling, C. Furnica,
Rom J Leg Med26(3)253-257(2018)

7. Accidental death in autoerotic maneuvers: Case series
M. Focardi , V. Bugelli, B. Defraia , B. Gualco, G. A. Norelli
Rom J Leg Med26(3)258-263(2018)

8. A rare case of fatal pulmonary embolism immediately after scoliosis surgical correction
F. Caputo , M. D. A. Ciari , G. F. Orcioni , F. Ventura,
Rom J Leg Med26(3)264-269(2018)

9. Death in a bathtub and pattern of decomposition
E. Dorado, E. R. Tagle , E. Santiago , M. F. Carrillo
Rom J Leg Med26(3)270-273(2018)

10. Age estimation using 2nd molar development: an efficient indicator of adolescent age
S. Yellapurkar , N. Srikant, D. Naik , N. Shenoy , V. Gundeti
Rom J Leg Med26(3)274-278(2018)

11. Work accidents and their impact on the health of the employees
I. Hurjui, C. M. Hurjui
Rom J Leg Med26(3)279-283(2018)

12. Retained drain fragments detected by FDG-PET/CT: Horroroma of surgery
A. Ayan , F. S. Kıraç,
Rom J Leg Med26(3)284-287(2018)

13. Medico-legal implications of medical treatments and infection preventions missteps resulting in Clostridium difficile Infection
T. Olariu, C. Precup, I. Olariu, I. R. Toma, V. Toma , D. G. Negru, E. D. Popovici , L. Timis, C. F. Ifrim
Rom J Leg Med26(3)288-294(2018)

14. Application of portable oximeter for the determination of methemoglobin in forensic practice
N. Tanaka, K. Ameno , M. Jamal, A.Ito , N. Miyatake , M. Kumihashi, S. Kimura, K. Tsutsui, H. Kinoshita,
Rom J Leg Med26(3)295-297(2018)

15. Strichnyne and Delorazepam detection in bone human remains. A case report
G. P. Bonete, C. P. Martínez , L. F. López, A. Luna
Rom J Leg Med26(3)298-301(2018)

16. Risk factors for suicide attempts that needed medical admission in bipolar I patients
V. P. Matei, E. A. Rosca, R. M. Grigoras , D. Cozman , A. Giurgiuca,
Rom J Leg Med26(3)302-307(2018)

17. Homicide-suicides in Romania. The analysis of fatal injuries within victims and aggressors
E. Balica
Rom J Leg Med26(3)308-313(2018)

18. Juridical value of the psychiatric expertises related to the decisions of the court magistrates
D. I. Ureche, C. Rebeleanu, O. Chiroban, I. Micluția, C. Siserman
Rom J Leg Med26(3)314-318(2018)

19. Ethical and legal aspects in palliative care in Romania
C. Sava, V. Astarastoae
Rom J Leg Med26(3)319-322(2018)

20. Reporting ethics approval and informed consent of in vivo researches in dental journals
C. T. Preoteasa, M. C. Buzea, M. Imre, C. R. Ranga, E. Preoteasa
Rom J Leg Med26(3)323-328(2018)

21. Cremation in Greece nowadays. The legal framework. References to the past
F. Chatzinikolaou, K. Chatzinikolaou, A. Deliligka, T. Tsiapla, C. Muresan, A. Enache
Rom J Leg Med26(3)329-332(2018)

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