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Vol. 27 Issue 2 June 2019

1. Macroscopic and microscopic diagnosis in Alzheimer’s disease
T. I. , D. B. Iliescu, A. Knieling, S. I. D. , L. Rîșcanu,
Rom J Leg Med27(2)89-84(2019)

2. Anatomic enigmas of the olfactory neuronal system structures in man. Implications in psychopathology
G. SDrăgoi, E. Pătrașcu, I. Marinescu
Rom J Leg Med27(2)95-102(2019)

3. Ante mortem CT aspects versus autopsy findings in head trauma
B. Hanganu, T. A. Stratulat, A. A. Hleșcu, I. S. Manoilescu, B. Gafton, B. G. Ioan,
Rom J Leg Med27(2)103-108(2019)

4. An autopsy-based study of fatal ground-level falls in East Attica, Greece (2011-2015)
M. Tsellou, K. Moraitis, D. Vlachodimitropoulos, I. Papoutsis, C. Spiliopoulou, S. Papadodima
Rom J Leg Med27(2)109-114(2019)

5. Cerebral infarction due to carotid artery injury caused by hanging: case report
S. Matsumoto, K. Iwadate, S. Takasu
Rom J Leg Med27(2)115-118(2019)

6. Liver tissue embolism in the portal vein
M. Hitosugi, A. Takeda, S. Hiraizumi, S. Moriguchi
Rom J Leg Med27(2)119-121(2019)

7. Practical utility of signs of asphyxia in evaluating specific causes of death
D. D. Tăbîrcă
Rom J Leg Med27(2)122-125(2019)

8. Comparison of post-mortem xenobiotics in blood, brain and bone marrow
N. Barbera, P. Zuccarello, D. Sangregorio, G. Spadaro, G. Romano, V. Mazzone, A. Laudani
Rom J Leg Med27(2)126-129(2019)

9. Anthropometric measurements illustrating the socio-economic effects on growth and development in a subadult sample population in Romania
A. Petca, A. D. Colceriu, A. Bălăianu, I. Diac, C. Dogăroiu,
Rom J Leg Med27(2)130-135(2019)

10. Dimensions of religiousness in determining the anthropological changes in the process of the toxi-addicted Person’s recovery
C. Necula, A. Baciu, A. Pungă
Rom J Leg Med27(2)136-141(2019)

11. Prevention of drug use in Romania - priority of health policies
A. Baciu, M. Alexandru, A. Pungă
Rom J Leg Med27(2)142-148(2019)

12. Legal and medical problems of health care in Poland in the field of cardiology
U. Zamelska, P. Zamelski,
Rom J Leg Med27(2)149-155(2019)

13. An observational study on the parameters influencing the duration of forensic medicine expert reports in assessment of inmates’ health status in view of sentence interruption on medical grounds - conducted at the Cluj-Napoca Legal Medicine Institute between 2014 and 2018
C. Gherman, A. Enache, C. Delcea, C. Siserman
Rom J Leg Med27(2)156-162(2019)

14. The counter value of the medical services to the detriment of the aging population
I. Hurjui, C. Hurjui
Rom J Leg Med27(2)163-166(2019)

15. Forensic odonto-stomatology in Romania. A historical and conceptual outline
A. Kozma, H. Lăzărescu, A. Nistor
Rom J Leg Med27(2)167-171(2019)

16. Minors’ rights to confidentiality: ethical scenarios in medical practice in Romania
M. Aluaş, T. L. Pop, B. Ioan
Rom J Leg Med27(2)172-175(2019)

17. Qualitative study regarding the ethico-psychological implications on medically assisted human reproduction in Romania
M. A. Ungureanu, V. Astărăstoae,
Rom J Leg Med27(2)176-181(2019)

18. Beck Depression Inventory in diabetes and other chronically ill patients, social, ethical and legal issues
R. Furau, A. R. Popa, C. Precup, I. R. Toma, C. Furau, M. Onel, E. D. Popovici, C. Marcean, L. E. Piros, C. F. Ifrim
Rom J Leg Med27(2)182-188(2019)

19. Breast cancer therapy: oral health and some clinical side effects, ethical considerations and medico-legal implications
M. M. Petrescu, A. Kozma, I. Diac, H. Lazarescu, A. K. Lackner, C. S. Glavce, A. T. Ispas
Rom J Leg Med27(2)189-194(2019)

20. Management and ethics issues in rehabilitation and balneoclimatology
A. S. Nica, I. Ghiorghiu, M. Constantinovici, R. S. Miclaus, B. I. Mitoiu
Rom J Leg Med27(2)195-199(2019)

21. The impact of replacement therapy on dental health in haemophilia
A. Kozma, O. Clevet, A. Traila, E. Ursu, C. Jinca, R. Oancea, E. Boeriu, E. Boia, L. Ritli, M. Șerban, A. K. Lackner, H. Lăzărescu, C. Popovici, I. Diac, A. M. A. Stănescu, C. Enachescu, S. Arghirescu
Rom J Leg Med27(2)200-204(2019)

22. Epidemiology of drowning in children in a Western region of Romania
P. Marian, C. Pantiș, M. C. Șomlea, B. Hanganu, A. A. Hleșcu, I. S. Manoilescu, F. Sandoiu, C. Crișan, C. Sava,
Rom J Leg Med27(2)205-212(2019)

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