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Vol. 27 Issue 4 December 2019

1. Implications of the sexting phenomenon
S. Trifu
Rom J Leg Med27(4)329-334(2019)

2. Chronic mercury intoxication by subcutaneuous self-injection and oral administration – case report
M. F. Popa, L. N. C. D. Radu, S. Deacu, S. Pricop, D. Tabarca
Rom J Leg Med27(4)335-339(2019)

3. Abortion caused by intravaginal self-administration of Misoprostol: a case report
M. Focardi, A. Bosco, F. Castiglione, G. Bartolucci, B. Gualco, V. Bugelli,
Rom J Leg Med27(4)340-342(2019)

4. Death for sepsis following dental procedures in an asplenic patient. Case report and medico-legal considerations
B. Defraia, F. Pradella, V. Pinchi, M. Focardi
Rom J Leg Med27(4)343-350(2019)

5. Gastrointestinal causes of death in the elderly: underestimated or not?
T. Durmic, D. Alempijevic, Z. Mihailovic, M. Bogdanovic
Rom J Leg Med27(4)351-353(2019)

6. Fatal free falls from very great heights
E. Doberentz, J. Geile, B. Madea
Rom J Leg Med27(4)354-360(2019)

7. Asperger Syndrome and proneness to delinquency
L. E. Andrei, M. Stancu, A. M. Buică, I. Moraru, I. Dobrescu, F. Rad,
Rom J Leg Med27(4)361-365(2019)

8. Juvenile delinquency within the forensic context
C. Delcea, A. M. Fabian, C. C. Radu, D. P. Dumbravă
Rom J Leg Med27(4)366-372(2019)

9. A comparison between rapid stain identification-blood (RSID-blood) and faecal occult blood test (FOB)to identify human blood on various suspicious stains
C. Dogaroiu, I. Diac, A. Petca, M. Gaiculescu, C. Trandafir, L. Matei, R. C. Petca,
Rom J Leg Med27(4)373-378(2019)

10. Bile as a complementary matrix for methamphetamine testing, an autopsy case of methamphetamine poisoning
H. Kinoshita, A. Takakura, M. Kumihashi, M. Jamal, K. Tsutsui, S. Kimura, K. Ameno, S. Matsubara, N. Tanaka
Rom J Leg Med27(4)379-381(2019)

11. Dento-maxillary changes in children with congenital hypothyroidism. Mini review and clinical cases
A. Kozma, M. I. Teodorescu, A. T. Constantin, M. Stan, M. Nanu,
Rom J Leg Med27(4)382-387(2019)

12. Historical landmarks of the use of Nelaton’s probe in the surgical diagnosis of gunshot wounds and two famous applications: Garibaldi’s and Lincoln’s cases
P. F. Curcă, T. Pătrașcu
Rom J Leg Med27(4)388-394(2019)

13. Providing medical personnel in public health services
I. Hurjui, M. C. Hurjui
Rom J Leg Med27(4)395-398(2019)

14. Time trends in inhospital mortality. A retrospective study in Romania 2014-2019
C. Vladescu, M. Ciutan, S. Musat
Rom J Leg Med27(4)399-404(2019)

15. An analysis of the current state of health services in Romania
M. Alexandru, A. Baciu, A. T. Ispas,
Rom J Leg Med27(4)405-410(2019)

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