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Vol 22 Issue 4 December 2014

1. Multiple repetitive fragility fractures in young patients- differentiation between osteogenesis imperfecta, osteomalacia (secondary to vitamin D deficiency) and domestic abuse
C. Capatina, M. Carsote, C. Capatina, C. Poiana, M. Berteanu
Rom J Leg Med22(4)217-220(2014)

2. Tension pneumothorax in unsuccessful cardiopulmonary resuscitation
C. T. Buschmann, M. Tsokos, C. Kleber
Rom J Leg Med22(4)221-223(2014)

3. Anatomic markers for human neuronal system – synopsis and atlas
B. Review
Rom J Leg Med22(4)224-224(2014)

4. A case of complex mechanical asphyxia due to physical restraint and gagging in an obese man
J. Mu, S. Zhu, L. Zhou, L. Zhuo, A. Sunnassee, H. Dong,
Rom J Leg Med22(4)225-228(2014)

5. Homicides due to positional asphyxia: two case reports
J. I. P. Pineda, V. B. B. Viloria,
Rom J Leg Med22(4)229-232(2014)

6. Asphyxia death caused by epiglottic abscess rupture in an adult: A case report
Y. Cao, Y. Yu, X. Gao, H. Jin, M. Lu, D. Gong, F. Huang,
Rom J Leg Med22(4)233-236(2014)

7. An unusual hunting-related death due to a Brenneke® SuperSabot shotgun slug
L. Gitto, A. Maiese, M. Dell’Aquila, P. Falco, G. Bolino
Rom J Leg Med22(4)237-242(2014)

8. Accidental radiographic finding of a maxillofacial gunshot injury. A case report
S. Rao, D. D. D. , A. A. A. K. , R. Ramakrishnaiah
Rom J Leg Med22(4)243-244(2014)

9. The volume of postmortem bleeding in drowning victims having sustained blunt thoracic aortic injury resulting from vehicular accidents
I. Curovic, N. Radojevic, R. Lazovic
Rom J Leg Med22(4)245-248(2014)

10. Sudden death due to a complicated subependymal giant cell astrocytoma
M. Ceaușu, S. Dermengiu, S. Hostiuc, L. Luca, C. F. Buicu
Rom J Leg Med22(4)249-252(2014)

11. The importance of collecting live fly larvae from a severely decomposed human cadaver in winter. Case report
M. Hitosugi, M. Kirinoki, K. Ishii, S. Morita, S. Furukawa, Y. Chigusa
Rom J Leg Med22(4)253-256(2014)

12. Sex estimation: 3D CTA-scan based on orbital measurements in Turkish population
A. Kaya, S. Uygun, C. Eraslan, G. C. Akar, A. Kocak, E. Aktas, F. Govsa
Rom J Leg Med22(4)257-262(2014)

13. Preliminary study on the tongue-based forensic identification
C. L. Stefanescu, M. F. Popa, L. S. Candea
Rom J Leg Med22(4)263-266(2014)

14. Evaluation of apoptosis in myocardial injury in cases of medicolegal death
O. Erel, B. Gun, C. Tataroğlu, M. Dirlik
Rom J Leg Med22(4)267-274(2014)

15. Optimized morphologic evaluation of biostructures by examination in polarized light and differential interference contrast microscopy
E. Patrascu, P. R. Melinte, G. S. Dragoi,
Rom J Leg Med22(4)275-282(2014)

16. The use of the audit method in assessing the performance of the public health system
I. Bostan, I. Hurjui, E. Hlaciuc, V. Grosu, M. Ciubotariu
Rom J Leg Med22(4)283-284(2014)

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