Guidelines for Reviewers

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Guidelines for Reviewers

The Romanian Journal of Legal Medicine, the official publication of the Romanian Legal Medicine Society, is devoted to the publication of the original investigations, observations, scholarly inquiries and reviews in all forensic and legal medicine specialties (forensic medicine and pathology, clinical legal medicine, forensic serology and genetics, forensic toxicology, forensic psychiatry, forensic anthropology, identification, mass disasters, etc.), and many other topics such as investigation and causes of death, suicide, death in custody, torture, prejudice evaluation, child abuse and interpersonal violence, domestic violence, casualty, professional decision making, malpractice issues, medical ethics, research ethics, consent, confidentiality, patient-doctor relationship issues, euthanasia, human rights, etc. The language of the Journal is English.

The Romanian Journal of Legal Medicine is a peer review Journal. We are devoted to respect equity in the peer-review process. We do have a policy management when members from the Board of editors or from the Board of Associate editors are willing to submit papers/articles/Work to the Journal. Thus, we consider that an appropriate management of such cases ask that the Journal meets the same standards for all authors and require that the author of the paper (who is an editor at the journal) will recuse her or himself from the discussion of whether to publish the paper and that the paper will undergo the same peer-review blind process and all other evaluations as any other work the journal publishes.

Writing one Review

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