Founder President
Honorary member of Romanian Academy
Vladimir Belis
Emeritus Members
Prof. Dr. Milan Dressler,
Associate professor Natalia Drugescu
President: Acad. Vladimir Belis
Vice-president: Prof. Dr. Vasile Astarastoae
Vice-president: Prof. Dr. Alexandra Enache
Management Board
Salem Abdo, MD
Octavian Buda, Professor
Diana Bulgaru - Iliescu, Professor
Valentin Gheorghiu, Associate professor
Beatrice Ioan, Professor
Bogdan Malinescu, MD
Gabriel Mihalache, Associate professor
Silviu Morar, Professor
Dan Perju-Dumbrava, Professor
Roxana Zavoi, Professor
Profesional secretary: George Cristian Curca, Professor
Scientific secretary: Carmen Grigoriu, Associate professor
Ionut Popescu, senior lecturer
Professor Nicolae Minovici (1868-1941) founded in 1936 the scientific and professional organization of Legal Medicine Society which he will name the Association of Forensic Pathologists. A great personality he was recognized as a leader and therefore he was assigned to be the President of the Medical College of Romanian Physicians to begin with 1938. The logo of the Association of Forensic Pathologists was imagined by the founder itself, prof. Nicolae Minovici, known for his artistic capabilities. He gave some explanations about the logo "....."
In 1940 the Association was suspended due to the World War II and stayed like this during the entire communist regime. However in 18.08.1992 professor Vladimir Belis, honorary member of the Romanian Academy, gave a rebirth of the professional society of forensic pathologists which will be named Romanian Legal Medicine Society: its periodic Journal, Romanian Journal of Legal Medicine will become an ISI Thomson Reuters publication since 2007.
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