Founder President
Honorary member of Romanian Academy
Vladimir Belis
Emeritus Members
Prof. Dr. Milan Dressler,
Prof. Dr. Viorel Panaitescu,
Associate professor Natalia Drugescu
 President: Prof. Dr. Dan Dermengiu

Vice-president: Prof. Dr. Vasile Astarastoae
Vice-president: Prof. Dr. Alexandra Enache
Profesional secretary:: Prof. Dr. Cristian G. Curca
Scientific secretary: Conf. Dr. Carmen Grigoriu
Treasurer:  Dr. Ionut Popescu
Management Board
Professor Diana Bulgaru - Iliescu
  Professor Lazlo Hecser

Professor Beatrice Ioan
Professor Silviu Morar
Professor Dan Perju-Dumbrava
Professor Roxana Zavoi
Professor Octavian Buda
Associate professor Valentin Gheorghiu
Associate professor Gabriel Mihalache
Dr. Salem Abdo
Dr. Bogdan Malinescu
The Romanian Journal of Legal
Medicine, is the official publication of the
Romanian Legal Medicine Society.
Permission to reprint, republish or
otherwise reproduced published materials
must be obtained from the Romanian
Society of Legal Medicine.
Romanian Journal of Legal
Medicine is devoted to the publication of
the original investigations, observations,
scholarly inquiries and reviews in the
various branches of the forensic medicine
and forensic sciences.
These include forensic pathology
and histochemistry, clinical forensic
medicine, medical malpractice, traffic
medicine, biochemistry, thanatochemistry,
forensic toxicology, alcohology, biology and
the physical sciences connected to legal
medicine, firearms, document examination,
forensic osteology odontology and forensic
anthropology, identification of human
corpse and remains, forensic genetics,
forensic serology and paternity, forensic
psychiatry and behavioral sciences, history
of forensic sciences, forensic-oriented
aspects of the social science, law and ethics.
The scientific standards of the
Romanian Journal of Legal Medicine
increase in recent years. In 2007 the Journal
become indexed in ISI Thomson Reuters
The Journal has been recently
reorganized since August 2016. The new
editorial board is determined to keep the
Journal among high rank Journals in the
The Romanian Journal of Legal
Medicine can be looked upon as a scientific
symbol of our tradition, hopes and ideals
such as justice, promoting the scientific
truth and protecting vulnerable persons
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