Founder President
Honorary member of Romanian Academy
Vladimir Belis
Emeritus Members
Prof. Dr. Milan Dressler,
Prof. Dr. Viorel Panaitescu,
Associate professor Natalia Drugescu
 President: Prof. Dr. Dan Dermengiu

Vice-president: Prof. Dr. Vasile Astarastoae
Vice-president: Prof. Dr. Alexandra Enache
Profesional secretary:: Prof. Dr. Cristian G. Curca
Scientific secretary: Conf. Dr. Carmen Grigoriu
Treasurer:  Dr. Ionut Popescu
Management Board
Professor Diana Bulgaru - Iliescu
  Professor Lazlo Hecser

Professor Beatrice Ioan
Professor Silviu Morar
Professor Dan Perju-Dumbrava
Professor Roxana Zavoi
Professor Octavian Buda
Associate professor Valentin Gheorghiu
Associate professor Gabriel Mihalache
Dr. Salem Abdo
Dr. Bogdan Malinescu
Nicola Minovici, the brother of Mina Minovici, professor of legal medicine and founder of the Institute of Legal Medicine in Cluj-Napoca in 1919, founded also in 1936 the scientific and professional Organizations of Legal Medicine Society and its reborn Journal of Legal Medicine as the official Journal of the Society. In 1940 the Journal and the Society collapsed due to the war. In 1993 a new Society build on the ashes of the Nicolae Minovici Society of Legal Medicine, the Romanian Society of Legal Medicine has been recognised by the law as the professional society of the speciality wherever in Romania and was founded by professor Vladimir Belis, director of the National Institute of Legal Medicine Mina Minovici in Bucharest at that time, founder President of the Romanian Society of Legal Medicine.
The society is non lucrative, aiming to develop professional trends between specialists, to bring them together at conferences and congresses, their scientific work and to sustain a code of ethics.
The Romanian Society of Legal Medicine has an official Journal which is the Romanian Journal of legal medicine an open journal to triger subjects in various fields of legal medicine, forensic pathology, forensic science, medical ethics and humanities, autopsy, anthropology, etc.
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